AuditScan is a first of its kind app for infection control cleaning

It is a multi-device app that uses the technology of scanning QR codes and use of invisible markers to ensure quality control and compliance.

At AuditScan we are making it easier to assist your institution healthcare facility carry out infection control compliance. Use the mobile AuditScan software to revolutionise and simplify the way your cleaning infection control auditing reporting occurs

How is AuditScan different to other audit apps?

Just simply scan

AuditScan allows your mobile device to scan a room QR codes to retrieve room location data such as level, wing, ward, room number providing constant data collection.

Changing the way manual auditing and reporting occurs

AuditScan eliminates all the manual data collection process, Just press Pass or Fail while in the mobile app.

Easy to use

AuditScan is a practical, step by step infection control cleaning auditing system. Just scan the area location QR code, scan the auditor, auto date time stamp then start the auditing checklist process add comments and photos to the auto-report and graph your compliance result.

Quality Control and Compliance

Reduces manual input data and data errors: Scan QR Codes to automatically upload critical information such as location details.

Allows clear labelling of surfaces that need cleaning: Surfaces that need cleaning can be clearly marked with dates, symbols or names - not just spots or marks.

What are some key benefits of AuditScan?

Monitors auditing process from start to end

Uses 4 simple auditing tools to monitor entire auditing process - mark, scan, record, and report.

Meets national guidelines

It meets the National Safety and Quality Health Services Requirements.

Identifies unclean areas:

Areas that haven’t been or need to be cleaned can be identified by
locating the “invisible” marks, which become visible under UV light.